Our team of specialists provides comprehensive general and sub-specialised orthopaedic services and products aim to help the recovery from trauma and sports service.

With more than 25 years of experience, our Chief Prosthetist and Orthotist heads our clinical team and technicians to ensure the quality of our production and our service standard.



We provide high quality Compression garments suitable for vascular and lymphedema conditions. 


Our state of the art 3D scanner provides a detailed 3D scanning for measurement taking for Scoliosis brace which has higher rate of accuracy as compared to plaster casting.

> Whatsapp us at 9753 2455 for any enquiries

Whatsapp us to register an appointment at 9753 2455 or book online.


About us

Lifeforce Limbs and Rehab Pte Ltd is a local SME business that specializes in both prosthesis & orthotic products and services.

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