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Knee Braces

What are Knee Braces Used For?

Knee braces are knee supports that are used to relieve knee pain or provide knee support for the injured knee. Knee brace for knee pain are usually made of metal, foam, plastic, straps, and elastic material and are available in many shapes and sizes.

Types of Knee Support for Knee Pain

There are different types of knee braces available for different purposes. So, always consult a doctor before wearing a knee brace for knee pain or knee support for sports for preventing injuries.

1. Hinged Knee Brace

Hinged knee support is used to provide support and stabilization to people or sportsmen suffering from strain, sprain, or ligament tear. The hinged knee brace is commonly used by sportsmen to provide knee support for running.

2. Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are also used to provide knee support for pain, sprain, strain, and early osteoarthritis knee pain. Knee sleeves are specially designed to provide compression around the knee and increase blood flow to reduce knee pain. Constructed with soft and flexible material, knee sleeves easily slide to your knee like a sleeve.

3. Wrap Around Braces

Wrap-around knee braces are best for moderate knee pain or osteoarthritis knee pain. The wrap-around feature makes it a perfect choice for elderly people or people with poor finger strength. The wrap-around feature also makes it a perfect fit for all leg shapes and sizes.

4. Knee Strap

Knee straps are used to provide knee support for running. They help relieve symptoms of runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, and acute knee pain. It is designed to provide targeted and continual pressure around the patella to improve knee cap movement. It is widely used knee support for sports.

5. Unloader Knee Braces

The unloader knee braces are specially designed knee braces to relieve osteoarthritis knee pain. The design of the unloader knee brace allows it to shift pressure from one side of the knee to another side. Unloader knee braces do not cure osteoarthritis knee pain but it gives you support and comfort to improve your mobility.

6. Closed Patella Braces

Closed patella knee braces are used for reducing swelling. Generally, it is used to provide knee support for running. however, as it has a closed patella, it will put pressure on your patella in normal circumstances and hence is not recommended to be used daily.

7. Open Patella Braces

Open patella knee braces are used to provide support to people who have pain behind the knee cap and have difficulty climbing stairs. Open patella knee braces have an opening around the patella bone and can be used daily.


What is the best knee support for knee pain?

There are different types of knee supports available to provide comfort and support for a different types of knee pain and injuries. It is advised to consult a doctor before wearing a knee support.

Can I wear a knee brace all the time?

Some knee braces are designed to be worn all the time. However, excess or improper use of knee support can cause more harm than good. So, always consult a doctor and do what is recommended by the doctor.

Should a knee brace be tight?

Yes, the knee brace should be tight and a perfect fit around your knee. A loosely fit knee brace will not provide you with the support you need.

Should I wear my knee braces while sleeping?

No, unless your doctor has advised you to do so.

How should I clean my knee brace?

Knee braces come with an instruction manual that includes the cleaning instructions as well. Most knee braces are washable. You can wash them with detergent and dry them in the air.


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