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Lifeforce aims to help individuals achieve better quality of life and increase their independence. We listen, care, understand, access and advise your needs and goals accordingly. With more than 25 years of experience, our Chief Prosthetist and Orthotist heads our clinical team and technicians to ensure the quality of our production and our service standard. At times, our team may combine our knowledge with orthoses and prostheses if it is necessary. Physiotherapy sessions can also be arranged if requested.

Patients often come to us for:

  • Transtibial Prosthesis (Below Knee)

  • Transfemoral Prosthesis (Above Knee)

  • Through knee Prosthesis

  • Hip Disarticulation

  • Below-elbow Prosthesis

  • Above-elbow Prosthesis

  • Chopart Prosthesis

  • Silicone feet / toes / hand / fingers


Our Prosthesis Process is Simple:



prosthetic is an artificially made substitute to replace either a partial or complete loss of an arm or leg. People with prosthetic leg can often climb stairs, walk, swim, and run as though they were using natural limbs. By boosting independence, prosthetic leg dramatically improve people’s lives.



In case you think that amputation only occur due to tragic accidents, do you know that health conditions such as diabetes and gangrene can also affect limbs? When that happens, prognosis of gangrene typically involves surgical treatments such as amputation. But rest assured, amputation does not mean an end to your active lifestyle. At LifeForce, we will guide you through how prosthetic works and ensure you get the best fit for your prosthetic leg.



From surgery to rehabilitation to fitting of your prosthetic, there is only one goal – to regain your mobility and lead an active life. We want our patients to use their prosthetic confidently and master their daily life. No matter what the terrain is, our prosthetic will take care of it.

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