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Attention Orthotist:

Plaster casting and processing plaster can be time-consuming, time that could otherwise spend on consulting more clients.

With Lifeforce new central fabrication program,

we ease your workload and allow you to focus on the consulting while we take care of your production process.

Your Process can be as Simple as this:



This is where you meet up with your patients to access their conditions and recommend the right brace for the right job.



Scan the patient’s body and record the measurement and condition of the patient. We will take it from there and create the scoliosis brace.



The last step is to follow up with your patients and ensure that they are happy with your service.

Why LifeForce?

Lifeforce had been in the P&O industry for over 20 years and had evolved from manual casting to 3D CAD-CAM system to produce and fabricate our customised items such as Prosthetic Sockets, Scoliosis Braces, Helmets, CTOs, TLSOs and other types of braces.

Lifeforce acquired a full set of CAD-CAM System that helps to ease its clinical and production load and is able to enhance our services and turnaround time. With this, Lifeforce offers fabricating services to help companies of the same trade to improve their manufacturing process or when they are shorthanded.

Start saving time on production and consulting more patients
Email us today to get onboard with lifeforce central fabrication program.
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