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Must Know Facts About Scoliosis

Updated: May 16


Scoliosis is a common spinal problem in children and teenagers. Scoliosis is referred to an abnormal curve in the spine. It can be in the cervical, thoracic, or lumber region. If not diagnosed and treated at an early stage, scoliosis can lead to deformity and damage to the lungs and heart.

Here we have mentioned some facts about scoliosis which will help you understand your condition and scoliosis treatment.

1. Adolescent Scoliosis, The Most Common Type

Adolescent scoliosis is the most common type of scoliosis and is usually diagnosed among children aged 10 to 15 years. Both boys and girls can have adolescent scoliosis, but girls are more likely to get it. Uneven shoulders or uneven waist are some common symptoms that you should watch for.

Scoliosis in children who are mild may not need treatment. Moreover, it stops aggregating when the child stops growing. Severe cases of scoliosis will need treatment such as wearing scoliosis braces Singapore or surgery in extreme cases.

2. Early Diagnosis is Vital

Early diagnosis of scoliosis is critical for its treatment. It helps to prevent deterioration and prevent surgery. In children especially, scoliosis of up to 25º is treatable with back braces, vitamin D supplements, and physical therapy.

3. Scoliosis Braces Are Helpful

Scoliosis braces are the most successful method of treating and managing scoliosis in children. As children are still growing, there are chances that their curves will increase with age. Scoliosis braces help stop the progression of the curve and in some, it even helps reduce the curve as well.

4. No Known Cause of Scoliosis

Commonly people think that their child has developed scoliosis due to bad posture, odd sleeping position, or by carrying heavy school bags, these may be the contributing factor. About 80% of scoliosis in children is idiopathic which means there is no known cause of the deformity. There are some speculations that there might be some genetic reasons for idiopathic scoliosis, but it is not proven yet. Some neuromuscular disorders like cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy may also lead to scoliosis.

5. Scoliosis Management

There is no known cure for scoliosis. Early diagnosis can help manage the condition and prevent surgery.

Scoliosis in children is usually managed by braces. It stops further progression of the curve until the child’s bone is mature. Other treatment measures might be needed when the child stops growing. The brace should be removed if the child engages in physical activities.

Schroth therapy is a form of physical therapy used for scoliosis treatment. Both children and adults of any age can do this exercise. It is a method for making specific muscles stronger in order to support the curvature of the spine. It shows visible improvement while improve the efficacy of the brace.

6. Surgery Might Be Needed

It is true that you might need surgery for severe scoliosis cases, especially in patients who have stopped growing. Scoliosis of 40º and more are treated with surgery. Primarily scoliosis surgeries are performed on children to stop the curve from progressing or to diminish the spinal deformity.

In adults, scoliosis may be required if it is hindering your daily life such as nerve compression. Otherwise, adult with scoliosis experiencing soreness or aching muscles should consider schroth therapy to strengthen the muscles around the area for prevention.

Here is a brief about different types of scoliosis surgeries:

  • Microdecompression is a method that relieved pressure on spinal nerves.

  • The surgical Stabilization process involves placing hooks, wires, and other materials around the bone to help stabilize and heal the bone.

  • Spinal Fusion is the process of fusing two or more vertebrae together to help straighten the backbone.

7. You Can Play Sport with Scoliosis

Here is good news for you, people with scoliosis can lead a normal life and take part in sports and physical activities as well.

It is a common perception that scoliosis patients should not take part in physical activities and sports as it can worsen their condition. However, it is not entirely true. Scoliosis can damage your muscles and cause imbalances as well. These problems are addressed by prescribing exercises that strengthen your core and muscles. Along with exercises, some sports help in muscle strengthening and improving your core like swimming, cycling, yoga, and others. So, you can take part in such sports.

However, some sports may exert pressure on your back and nerves so you must avoid those sports. These sports include rugby, soccer, gymnastics, tennis, and others.

Adults with scoliosis should highlight to their instructor that they have scoliosis before beginning any exercises, such as yoga. This is due to the fact that there are some poses you cannot execute or would cause you injuries if push yourself too much.

We hope our guide will help clear your doubts. If you need scoliosis braces, feel free to contact Lifeforce Limb & Rehab Pte Ltd. We have 3 types of scoliosis for treating your condition. Also, we use 3d scanning for measurement which is more accurate and does not require skin touch.


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